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Kimberbell Clear Blue Tiles - Essential Set

Kimberbell has made it easier than ever to quilt in your embroidery hoop!

Create gorgeous custom quilting in each block - or even do an edge-to-edge quilting design over your entire project. The process is super simple with their new Clear Blue Tiles. You can line up the see-through tile to cover EXACTLY where you want your quilting design, mark the center and cross-hairs, then start your embroidery!

Kimberbell's Clear Blue Tiles Essentials Set includes 26 finished block and border tiles, 2 water-soluble pens, 2 slap bands, the Clear Blue Tiles User Guide, and a USB with 372 embroidery files and their exclusive Seasonal Table Runner project. Start with the Essentials Set, then add the Expansion Set for larger hoops!

So many additional designs available!
These Clear Blue Tiles also work perfectly with the background quilting designs currently available for purchase on Kimberbell's website! Be sure to use our affiliate link when purchasing your designs to give our shop credit for your visit:

kimberbell background quilting designs

The quilting designs included in this Clear Blue Tiles Essential Set are exclusive - they will not be available on Kimberbell's website, so you do not need to worry about purchasing them twice!

MSRP Introductory Price
Essential Set: $129.95
Expansion Set: $39.95

The Expansion Set includes Clear Blue Tiles that work with 8x12 hoops and 9x14 hoops. If your machine takes these larger hoops, you will definitely want to add the Expansion Set to your order! 

If you purchase the Expansion Set, you will still need the Essential Set. The Essential Set includes a USB that has all the embroidery files that you will use with the larger Clear Blue Tiles - these larger tiles are only available in the Expansion Set.

We are also including a FREE Virtual Class where we will teach you the ins and outs of using this new tool!
Class date TBD - will likely be in October to give everyone a chance to receive their Clear Blue Tiles set! This class will also be recorded so you are able to view it later.

Get the Expansion Set HERE.

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