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Machine Servicing
At Creative Sewing & Quilting, we offer maintenance and repair services for all makes and models of sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, and sergers. Your machines are serviced on-site at our store, eliminating the time and cost of sending your machine out for repair.

We recommend regular tune-ups for your machine to help keep it in good running order for as long as possible. If you regularly use your machine, it is best to have it professionally maintained every one to two years.

Our full service tune-ups include the following:

  • clean and delint machine
  • compressed air cleaning
  • oil bushings
  • balance tensions
  • position finger bracket
  • change needle
  • hook to needle clearance adjustment
  • hook to needle timing adjustment
  • presser bar height and tension adjustment
  • top feeding foot height adjustment
  • feed dogs height adjustment
  • zero feed regulator adjustment
  • feeding motion adjustment
  • presser foot tension adjustment
  • bobbin winder adjustment
  • checking seating of upper and lower shafts
  • motor belt adjustment
  • bobbin tire adjustment
  • needle threader adjustment
  • exterior cleaning
  • thorough test sew to ensure optimum stitch performance

Creative Sewing & Quilting has a long history of providing friendly and knowledgeable machine maintenance. Our technicians, Eric & Grant Flyte, are proud to continue this tradition of excellent service.

Service Update
If your machine needs more involved repair or cleaning - we are quite backed up on machine repair appointments. We have begun doing short assessments to see if it is an issue we can quickly fix for you - and if we can solve your problem quickly, we are happy to do so on the spot (generally the service fee is $25 or less).
If your machine needs a more thorough cleaning or repair, we are taking appointments and our estimated wait time is approximately one month. (You would add your name to our appointment list and then bring your machine in closer to your appointment date. We then generally take only a few days to get it back to you.)
The full service fee is $129 for mechanical machines and $169 for computerized machines. 
If you would like one of our technicians to take a quick look at your machine, you do not need an appointment to bring it in - although we highly recommend calling before coming over just to verify one of our technicians will be available that day.

Scissor Sharpening
We have a technician on-site who will sharpen your scissors. The charge is $10 per pair of scissors.

We may be able to sharpen them for you while you wait, but more commonly we have you drop off your scissors and pick them up a few days later.
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