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We slashed our prices on Pre-Loved Machines! (Only while supplies last!)

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We have a great selection of pre-loved sewing, quilting, & embroidery machines that are sure to fill your 2019 with creativity and joy!

All Pre-Loved Machines are inspected and serviced by our certified Baby Lock technicians (PLUS you get a 6-month guarantee on servicing).

- - -

Baby Lock Crown Jewel III
Long Arm Quilting Machine

w/ Momentum Frame

Crown Jewel 3 with Momentum Frame
Effortlessly control every aspect of your quilt with a large LCD on the front and back handles.  Enjoy the satisfaction of adding the final touch with the Crown Jewel III. 

The built-in, automatic stitch regulator helps achieve evenly spaced, consistent stitches every time.

Large 18" machine throat space and innovative Momentum Frame help give you a large work area to quilt. Frame can be set up at 5 feet or 10 feet long (with optional 2 foot extension, you can also set up at 7 or 12 feet).

The unique Momentum Frame moves with you as you quilt to give you up to six inches of extra space. The bulk of your quilt will move out of the way making it easier to stitch continuous designs and finish your quilt. 

Original MSRP 17,499
Previously 7,999
SALE 6,999

- - -

Baby Lock Destiny
Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Create your own unique embroidery creations with IQ Designer technology, and go BIG with the 9.5" x 14" embroidery hoop!

Edit your designs easily on the tablet-sized LCD touch screen.

embroidery editing

Rotate, merge, color sort, group and more. Resize up to 200% or down to 60% of the original design. Your density is automatically recalculated to ensure a flawless stitch out.

Plus enjoy all of the sewing and quilting abilities as the top-of-the-line Crescendo sewing machine!

Destiny 1
Original MSRP $14,999
Previously $5,999
SALE 4,999

(Only ONE available!)

- - -

Baby Lock Ellegante
Sewing & Embroidery Machine
Embroiders up to an 8" x 12" embroidery hoop size.
Advanced embroidery, sewing, and quilting features.

Previously $1,899
SALE 1,499
(Only ONE available!)

- - -

Ellure Plus
Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Ellure Plus
Comes with 5" x 7" embroidery hoop.
Great sewing features - including automatic needle threader and thread trimmer.

Previously $949
SALE 849

(Only ONE available!)

Baby Lock Symphony
Sewing Machine


Advanced needle threader, large workspace (over 8" to the right of the needle), LED lighting, extension table, and more!

Previously $899
SALE 599
(Only ONE available!)

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