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Kimberbell Club - August: Lemonade Mug Rug | July classes still available

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When life gives you lemons...

Create a cute Kimberbell embroidery project!

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August 2018 Kimberbell EXCLUSIVE Design
Lemonade Mug Rug

lemonade mug rug

With fabric and vinyl applique, we've created a lemonade glass that's always half full. Stitch the quilted pennant background in a contrasting color for celebration or blend with the background fabric to emphasize the drink and a slice of citrus garnishing the cup, like our cherry cola with lime. You'll find this mouth-watering design delish for an entire mixology of sodas.

Design Only: $10 
Class: $20


Sat. Aug. 4 



Tues. Aug. 21
10:30am - 12:30pm

Materials Needed

- 5" x 7" embroidery hoop
- Stabilizer (cut-away recommended)
- Fabric 1: background (1 fat quarter)
- Fabric 2: Lemonade (fabric scrap)
- Fabric 3: Lemon (fabric scrap)
- Fabric 4: Lemon Slice (fabric scrap)
- Batting (6" x 8" piece)
- Vinyl (12 gauge), available in store
- Kimberbell Paper Tape

- - - - -

TIP for July class:
If you are using a denim tote bag blank by Kimberbell, you may want to pre-wash it before class. The blue dye can be pretty strong! That way you won't worry about the dye transferring on to your fingers or your light-colored threads.

July 2018 Kimberbell EXCLUSIVE Design
Lovebirds Tandem Bicycle

design image 1 design image 2

design image 3

In this embroidered tandem bicycle design, little lovebirds look sweet perched on the bicycle seat and handles. We adore the baskets of blossoms with fringe flowers, too. The saying reads, "Together is my favorite place to be." 

Looks great on a denim bag!
(Blank denim and canvas Kimberbell bags available in store.)

Design Only: $10 
Class: $20


Sat. July 21



Tues. July 24
10:30am - 1:30pm

You will not need to bring any fabric for this design, but you will want to have plenty of color options for your embroidery thread!

Materials Needed

- Stabilizer: Sticky-back wash-away and wash-away
- Kimberbell paper tape
- Water/Air-soluble pen or chalk pencil
- Embroidery threads (we suggest picking out your colors in advance to save time in class)
- Kimberbell bag blank in denim or canvas (or whatever you choose to embroider with this design)

This design comes in one size, with three different hoop options.
You can multi-hoop in a 5x7 or 6x10 hoop (we will show you how to do this in class!), or you can fit the entire design in a 8x12 hoop.

(We will provide thumb tacks to use for the multi-hoop technique.)

- - - - -

You do not need to attend a class in order to get the monthly design.

Bring in your flash drive and we will load the files for you (embroidery files for multiple embroidery machine brands and project sizes, instruction files, and SVG cutting files).

Remember - you can still purchase the designs from past months!

- - - - -

June 2018 Kimberbell EXCLUSIVE Design
Machine Embroidery by Number: Summer Popsicle

summer popsicle

$10 (club members only)

Did you ever count the days of summer in popsicle sticks? With three layers of icy sweetness, the pieced popsicle block features crosshatch quilting on the large and medium sizes with optional ribbon loops for hanging. 

- - - - -

May 2018 Kimberbell EXCLUSIVE Design
Citrus Cutwork Apron

$10 (club members only)

"With lacy citrus slices and delicate white blossoms, this beautiful cutwork apron makes me think I should invite the ladies for lunch. I'll serve chicken salad on tea sandwiches with key lime tarts for dessert and all the while everyone will admire my lovely apron."

If you are not into aprons, this design would also be perfect for a tea towel!

(We have blank aprons, tea towels, and tote bags in our store - they would all look great with this design!)

- - - - -

April 2018 Kimberbell EXCLUSIVE Design
Flower Zipper Clutch

flower zipper clutch

$10 (club members only)

"Unlike traditional machine embroidery applique, where the design is secured with a satin stitch, raw edges of the pretty petals are surrounded with whimsical outline stitches."

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