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Sewing Spotlight: Meet Mona Kasper

Welcome to "Sewing Spotlights," where we introduce you to one of our awesome sewing friends.

Our small, family business is a warm, welcoming, and FUN place for you to expand your creativity - and you are guaranteed to meet some awesome people along the way!

Meet Mona Kasper!

Mona is such a treat to be around - so fun, friendly, and always encouraging everyone in classes and in the store, even new people she has never met!

She is a regular at many of our classes (especially Kimberbell embroidery events!) and can often be found getting into "trouble" with her sewing friends. (Haha, just kidding - but we love teasing each other!)

We affectionately have called her sewing group the "Fab Four", and they have recently expanded to the Fab Five with the addition of Mona's mom, Bobbie.

Mona Kasper with Fab Four sewing friends
Left to right: Jean, Mona, Rose, Sue

The original "Fab Four" sewing squad at a Kimberbell embroidery event. Look at all those buttons they collected!

What kind(s) of sewing do you like to do? (sewing, quilting, embroidery, etc?)  

I like doing wall-hangings, embroidery projects, and quilts. My favorite type of quilt to make is a combined embroidery and piecing where the blocks are not all the same.

What machine(s) do you have? Is there a favorite? 

I have a serger, a Baby Lock Soprano and a Baby Lock Destiny... My favorite is the Destiny. I do also have use of a multi-needle embroidery machine that I love using. 

How long have you been sewing? 

Since grade school - my mom taught me. I learned by sewing my Barbie and other doll clothes. Then I started sewing my own clothes until I graduated from college. I have not done garment sewing since then... started quilting after college but started more in earnest once I retired.

What are some of the projects you have made that you are most proud of or love the most? 

I think the item I am most proud of is the quilt entitled Graphic Gems... it was a block of the month class I took at CSQ. It took over a year to do and each block was different. It is on my bed now and I still can't believe I made it.

I am now confident enough to make minor changes in some patterns so that the pattern is more to my liking!

What advice would you give to someone who is just learning how to sew? 

Take classes... and more classes. I still learn something in every class I take.

What are you working on right now?  

At the beginning of COVID, I counted up all the unfinished projects I had and those projects that I had material designated for. Total was 120. I am alternating between finishing a project and starting a new project. 

I am currently working on a quilt called Sincerely Yours by Smith Street Design. It is a combination of piecing and embroidery. I started the quilt when I took my first class at CSQ with Lisa. 

Mona with Sincerely Yours quilt

What are some of your sewing tools you just couldn't live without? 

Seam Ripper... Oh wait, that is a tool that Rose Powers can't live without. Lol!

Seriously, my rotary cutter, my Accuquilt cutter, all my different little scissors, the heat resistant pins. I could go on and on... the right tools make all the difference in what you are doing!

What do you like about being part of Creative Sewing & Quilting?  

The sense of family and friends I have made there. 

What are some other things (besides sewing!) that you enjoy? We would like to learn a little about you!

Besides quilting, I like to read... romance and murder mystery (not graphic ones).

I love to entertain and have several dinner parties, love getting together with friends and doing local events. I wish I had more time for cooking as I love to try new recipes, and we love watching the old black and white movies.

My husband and I like to travel both abroad and in the US... we love learning the culture and history of places we go. Since I retired, John and I have done 2 road trips to New Jersey, one road trip to The Gulf Shores, a riverboat cruise from Paris to Normandy, a tour of Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, and New Zealand and Australia. 

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the sewing family?  

My favorite color is purple... my bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are all done in shades of purple! 

Do you want to jump in the Sewing Spotlight?

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