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Sewing Spotlight: Meet Debbie Gorson

Welcome to "Sewing Spotlights," where we introduce you to one of our awesome sewing friends.

Our small, family business is a warm, welcoming, and FUN place for you to expand your creativity - and you are guaranteed to meet some awesome people along the way!

Meet Debbie Gorson!
- Debbie has such a kind, friendly personality - and we are so impressed by her many creative talents!

Debbie Gorson

Fun name fact...

My maiden name was LarSON and my husband's original name was GORski, so when we got married (44 years ago) we combined our names to make Gorson! I taught High School Math for many years until my 2nd child came into the world and I was a stay home mom. I have 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. I sewed all their clothes.

What kind(s) of sewing do you like to do? (sewing, quilting, embroidery, etc?)

Sewing was my first love. I made all my clothes in high school and college. Then when my kids came along I got into French Heirloom Sewing with my Smocking. I started my own smocking pattern company and then traveled at different sewing expos teaching my smocking. Then when my kids grew out of smocking clothes I got into Quilting, and now with grandkids have discovered Embroidery.

What machine(s) do you have?

I have 4 Berninas, Brother Dream Machine, Baby Lock Triumph Serger, and Brother 10 needle.

(Debbie just attended our 3-day "Serger Savvy" event with National Educator Joan Friedrich - where she took home her new Baby Lock Triumph! She was so excited to learn all of the awesome ways you can use a serger!)

How long have you been sewing?

Over 50 years.

What are some of the projects you have made that you are most proud of or love the most?

Probably all my smocked garments. I have over 150 smocked garments that my children all wore still hanging in my closets, hoping my grandchildren would wear them. (But not interested...ugh) It is a lot of hand embroidering on pleated fabric but then the garments have to be sewn together.

Here are a few dresses I made for my daughter, who is 30 years old now with her own little girl! 

smocking dresses

What advice would you give to someone who is just learning how to sew?

Start out with a good machine because if you have a machine that is really struggling you will get discouraged!!! And if you get a good machine, you will have it forever as your trusted machine!!

What are you working on right now?

A lot of things- Quilts that I have started, I would like to finish up. (I hate to admit it but I have over 40 quilts all ready to finish up in all stages. All the quilts have their supplies with the patterns in plastic boxes, labeled and ready to finish!!

quilts in progress
We're impressed by Debbie's organization!

But then embroidery came into my world and everything quilting stopped! Now I buy blank clothes and just embroider for my grandgirls- I have 3 of them all under the age of 5. And anything Kimberbell lately!

What are some of your sewing tools you just couldn't live without?

A good Sewing machine!! Good Rulers, and good scissors!!

What are some other things (besides sewing!) that you enjoy? We would like to learn a little about you! 
I started working again after my kids were in high school at a Farm (with Greenhouses, Farmstands, and Pumpkinfest)  - I do all their register needs - POS systems, servers, shopify, etc. Which takes up too much of my time!!  ha... I have been there for 20 years now. 

But I am really into Cookie Making lately.   I decided to do come online cookie classes last year with having to stay home.  So now I am making cookies for family and friends!   

What do you like about being part of Creative Sewing & Quilting?

Your staff is so warm and friendly. When I enter your store, I feel like I am visiting a friend's house. Always helpful and you let me spend time just walking and looking at everything. It takes me over an hour to get out to you and I have stores closer but I just LOVE coming into your store!!!! I love when you have samples laid throughout the store! It is so inspiring!!!! Love your clerks that can help with any question I ask them!!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the sewing family?

Sewing is more than just sewing, it is a group of people that when you get together, you share ideas, you share tips, and you have this bond that only sewing people have with each other. It is truly special!!

Thank you, Debbie! We loved learning more about you!

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