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Sewing Spotlight: Meet Rose!

We're excited to launch "Sewing Spotlights" to introduce you to some awesome people who are part of our sewing family.

Our small, family business is a warm, welcoming, and FUN place for you to expand your creativity - and you are guaranteed to meet some awesome people along the way!

Meet Rose M.
- quilter extraordinaire and one of the kindest people we know!

Rose with machines and quilts

What kind(s) of sewing do you like to do? (sewing, quilting, embroidery, etc?)

I enjoy making bags and clothes, but I am currently obsessed with quilting!


What machine(s) do you have? Is there a favorite?

My first Baby Lock machine was the Crescendo, the perfect sewing machine – is there anything it can’t do?! I don’t think so! I got so much joy from it, it acted as my “gateway” machine, leading me to collect all the others.

I now have added the Solaris 2 (embroidery & sewing machine), Sashiko II (specialty quilting machine), Accolade (serger) and Regalia (long arm quilting machine). I love them all, and my quest is to master each machine.


How long have you been sewing?

I have been sewing since I was tall enough to reach the sewing pedal, mainly making clothes and doing alterations. Until I got my Crescendo two years ago, I had been sewing on my mechanical machine which I bought in 1984. I had no idea sewing machines had become so advanced since then. After using the needle up/down, needle threader, thread cutter and automatic presser foot lift functions, I don’t want to be without them!


What are some of the projects you have made that you are most proud of or love the most?

I guess it would be all my quilts – with every new quilt, I have tried to learn a new technique or tried a new design idea. The results are never perfect and not always great, but I still love each quilt because each gave me an opportunity to learn something and to be creative.


What advice would you give to someone who is just learning how to sew?

Take a class! Of course you can learn from books, but it is so much easier to watch each step in person and to be able to get answers from the experts. Most of all, have fun!


What are some of your sewing tools you just couldn't live without?

Rotary cutters and Karen Kay Buckley scissors! I have rotary cutters and scissors in all sizes as each really does have a different use. I also love my Daylight table lamp – how did I sew all these years without such excellent light?!

(PS: Contact us if you want more info on the Slimline Daylight lamp - we can order one for you!)

What are some other things (besides sewing!) that you enjoy? We would like to learn a little about you! 

We have a little forest behind our house, and I enjoy watching the birds and animals that make it their home. It is fascinating for me to learn everything I can about their behavior, calls, tracks, and history. Being able to see so much nature is my favorite part of living in the suburbs.

I also enjoy watching old film noir movies. The black and white cinematography is so beautiful, and the scripts are so captivating. To me there is nothing more enjoyable than watching one of these old movies while exercising on my treadmill.


What do you like about being part of Creative Sewing & Quilting?

Everyone is so nice and supportive, as well as talented and willing to share their sewing wisdom. I have learned so much in each class, and I always have fun making the projects with the other ladies. It is also interesting to see what everyone makes – everyone has a different style. Mainly, though, it is just nice to get to know all the really nice people who work and shop here.  

Aww, we love you too, Rose! Thank you for sharing with us!

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