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Here are the tools you need to create your own shirt

Aren't these matching shirts adorable?!

jalie dolman tops stretch jersey knit matching shirts

Sarah made these for Ruby's first birthday - and they turned out great!

jalie dolman top stretch jersey knit shirt baby girl

Want to make your own matching shirts? Here are some tips for supplies to get!

If you love this print, we DO still have some of this fabric left! Check out our stock of knit fabrics. (We are looking to get some more options soon!

Sarah used Stretch Jersey Knit Midnight Rose. 2 yards was plenty for creating an adult shirt and a toddler size 2 shirt.

stretch knit fabric

Also check out our collection of Jalie garment patterns.

For this shirt, Sarah used the Jalie Dolman Tops pattern. The sizes start all the way at toddler age 2, and this worked well for Ruby!

Sarah lengthened her shirt by 3 inches. The beauty of making your own is that you can customize it however you want!

Red Dot Tracer Paper
Excellent for tracing out your garment patterns so you do not have to cut the actual patterns out! Save your paper patterns so you can make multiple sizes without wrecking your pattern!

This is a soft material that is safe to fold. Trace your pattern, cut out the red dot tracer paper, then save it to use for next time!

stretch jersey knit fabric jalie dolman shirt pattern sewtites magnetic pins

SewTites Magnetic Pins
These are extremely helpful for keeping your traced pattern and your fabric secure so that you can cut out your fabric pieces!

These magnets are perfect for when you need to hold things together but pins either won't work or will damage your fabric. (Some other great uses - making purses, especially if you are using cork, vinyl, or leather!)

There are multiple packages available with different sizes, types, and amounts of magnets.

What else...?
You will also need some quality scissors - we carry all different types, so you can find the one that works best for you.

What kind of machine do you need? You can definitely make this on a sewing machine. But if you are excited about making garments, a Baby Lock serger will be your best friend!

We have several models for you to test drive - you will be surprised how easy (and fun) they are to use!

I can't wait to make more shirts! And if you make one, we would love to see it!

- Sarah
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