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Exploring Solaris & Destiny (Sep. 2019)

Master your machine!

This class series will go in-depth on how to use features unique to the Baby Lock Solaris and Destiny sewing and embroidery machines. Classes focus on techniques rather than completed projects. Weekday and Saturday sessions available.

Use features in IQ Designer to create this stylish decor for your front door or wall display!
Here are some of the techniques you will use in class:
  • Applying borders, fills, and outlines
  • Designing your own applique embroidery shape
  • Embroidering a buttonhole to insert a hanging ribbon

You will need the following supplies:
Embroidery Machine (w/ embroidery unit)
Power cord
Applique scissors
Wash away mesh stabilizer (big enough piece to fit your largest hoop: 9x14 or 10x16)
Embroidery thread (details below)
Fabric (details below)
Ribbon for hanging display (or you can do this later at home)

Refer to the project photo to see what colors of fabrics and threads you prefer.

2 colors for embroidered fill
1 for applique outline
1 for monogram letter
1 for monogram detail accent
1 for edge of project and edge of buttonhole openings

2 pieces of fabric large enough to fit in your largest hoop (9x14 or 10x16 hoop)
[one piece for front and one for back]
1 piece of 9x12 fabric for applique background

Exploring Solaris & Destiny (Sep. 2019)

$ 30.00