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Sincerely Yours Embroidered Applique Quilt

This class features techniques such as multi-hooping and in the hoop applique.

Friday Open Sewing

Do you want to get some work done on your sewing projects in a fun, creative, and helpful environment? Join us for one of our Friday Open Sew days! We'll be offering this open sewing session every 4th Friday of the month, from 11am - 4pm. There is no fee - but sign up today. We have limited seating and spots will fill up quickly!

Embroidery Club with Kathy

Join us each month for a new Embroidery Club project! Learn new embroidery skills and tips with each class.

Sep 23
Basket Weave Quilt
Sep 23
Guide Class 2
Sep 23
Embroidery 101 Basics: Hooping & Stabilizers